Thursday, September 9, 2010

Nicholas K. Spring 2011 Ready To Wear

Spring, spring, spring! Global Warming has definitely made its way into the runways according to Nicholas K. an Ice Age is expected Spring 2011. This collection to me screams Fall, but then again I'm used to past collections. Global warming aside this collection is hobo chic, wearable to the max, and amazing to the eye. The colors are very neutral with a hint of military esque sort of sneaking in. Military boots are definitely here to stay... for a while at least. Yes, the color scheme is not spring at all, and maybe thats why im obsessing over it so much. 

We've seen the 'harem' pant and tights but this reverse-sweater-drapped pant is definitely catching my eye. As well as loose shorts and tapered khakis. Who is down to wear multiple layers and leather jackets this spring? I am down to sweat all day to look this good. 

The outterwear consisted of coats and parkas with oversized hoods, and enlarged collars but what looked like very lightweight material. Underneath the coats, the clothes had a very laid back feel to them. With slouchy tees and oversized shirts like dresses, and oversized cardigans. The collection was very urban New York, almost ruined clothing, simultaneously streetwise, with whats wearable at the moment. I must admitt I'm not entirely familiar with Kunz pasts collections but I approve.

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